Franki Jus-Burke: Pikachu

Hello, I’m Franki Jus-Burke.

Most of my days I Row and coach rowing, although I’m about to start a job with British Rowing.

If I’m feeling naughty I love to Eat sweet chilli crisps with a large glass of red.

If I’m feeling nice I love to treat my boyfriend to a meal out.

Once upon a moment I went to my yoga class and I thought In the future want to be able to do a downward dog with a flat back.

One day, when I rule the world and it is law to eat Nobbly Bobbly Icecreams all the livelong day I will also be able to do Mayurasana.

When you speak to me of yoga matters please refer to me by my yoga super hero name of Pikachu.

If I have one piece of yoga advice for you it’s this: Persevere and you will improve.