Beers and the Lotus

Way back in the hazy lazy summer days 0f 2010 these photos were taken by Victoria Swainson, staring Morgan Todd modelling a Yoga Will Save the World vest and Art Directed by Kathryn Ryan. It’s occurred to me they’ve been patiently waiting strut their stuff. So, below, beautifully framed is a sequence of 4 of Beers and the Lotus. More to be exhibited very soon…

Eyes – enjoy. x

The Morgan Tree amongst the fleurs

Made real by camera wielding Victoria Swainson, creative directing Kath Ryan and a sexy Morgan Todd.

Hello, welcome.

This is the Yoga Will Save the World blog.
I don’t have much to say at this instant but you can be sure I’ll babble on in future posts.

For now please enjoy Morgan making like a tree at Clapham Junction, this was taken moments before our gang was busted by the no-photos-cj-police and poor brave Morgan almost goose-pimped right out of her skin.

I’ll be back soon.
Rebs x