Yoga Coffee Cups. COMING SOON

Exciting news. There are yogi coffee cups on the way. This little lady is doing Dhanurasana around the bottom of the coffee cup and around the saucer there is a little quote from Buddha. Inspiration from Jaz and Panther. Thanks ladies. 

10 have been ordered. Check the shop soon. 


4 thoughts on “Yoga Coffee Cups. COMING SOON

  1. Jess

    it was only a matter of time before the yoga people and the coffee merged as one…and im so glad its happened 🙂 Reserve one for me please! perhaps you can bring it to you to HK?

    1. Hello. Yes, we are one. Yoga, coffee, sometimes the odd glass of red. I will most certainly save you a cup. I wont have them come Shonky time but will put your name on one and we can arrange something when they turn up on my doorstep. xxx

    1. Hi Jana,
      I will eventually but not right now. Do you follow Yoga Will Save the World on Facebook? That’s the best place to keep up to date with new bits and bobs coming into the shop
      Chief officer of everything at YWSTW x

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