2015 Calendars, YWSTW Canada and New Goodies


An overdue and much needed post!

2015 Calendars
The last EVER! batch of Yoga Will Save the World calendars are still availbale to buy online: http://shop.yogawillsavetheworld.com/


New goodies:
New hoodies, long sleeve tees and short sleeve tees (these beauties are made from 100% recycled fabric). Also available
at http://shop.yogawillsavetheworld.com/ modelled by one of my favourite teachers here in London Lolo Lam.


YWSTW Canada
New designs soon to be printed for the YWSTW Canada collection run by my yogi partner in crime Meghan. One cloud yogi who may grace some tees here…


That’s all for this post. I’m off to meet Nancy from Yoga Haven Islington now to discuss a design for a charity event they are running around Ahimsa (non violence) and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate. Another cold day in London today. Perfect for plotting and hot beverages. Later…some yoga at Yoga Rise.

Rebecca x
Chief Officer of Everthing at Yoga Will Save the World

Photo Shoot in Brockwell Park

My friend and very talented photographer Vicky Swainson took some shots in Brockwell park around a month ago of some new vests modelled by Hannah. My stock is already all sold out but there are a few in some studios dotted around London and a few in Brisbane. I just wanted to share here some of the lovely photos. I’ll post soon about new vest and tee designs that are a brewing…



Lotus Lotus2 OatmealVest PurplePinkFlower


Yoga Will Save the World Calendar 2015

Hi, as usual it’s been many a sun salutation since my last post. I’ve finally finished the 2015 Calendar design. It’s been fun as usual and I wonder why I don’t draw more. The months images are below. I’m sending it to the printers next week and should have them in my sweaty London mits shortly after. 

0FrontCover 1January 2February 3March 4April 5May 6June 7July 8August 9September 10October 11November 12December

Lovely new things….and a new shop look


I’ve recently re-launched the Yoga Will Save the World shop. Models can be found there sporting some new clothes and I hope – think – the shopping experience is a more joyful one. You can use Paypal now too.

Take a gander here: http://shop.yogawillsavetheworld.com/

I’ve popped a few images below of what you can find there too.

New organic tees and hoodies screen printed (with environmentally friendly inks) with a feather head-dressed man in a twist…


New recycled notebooks….

notebook copy

And new postcards….(still to be added to the shop, there soon!)



Any comments are always welcome.

Thanks as always for following YWSTW here and apologies as always for my sporadic posting.

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Chief Officer or Everything at YWSTW

1920’s Yoga Tees




Hello Everyone here.
The post man just delivered the latest order of tees I designed. They’re a lovely fitted style with turned up sleeves. Pretty cute.
They’re all 100% organic cotton and come in coral, mint green and bright blue, all available at http://www.yogawillsavetheworld.com.
As always, they’re a limited edition run, 15 of each colour.
Lots of Love
Rebecca x
Chief Officer of Everything at Yoga Will Save the World 



*NEW* Organic Cotton Bags at Yoga Will Save the World

*NEW* Organic Cotton Bags at Yoga Will Save the World

New 100% organic cotton bags are now available to purchase at http://www.yogawillsavetheworld.com.
They look gorgeous. They are screen printed in gold and black on vibrant pink, red, blue and green bags.
As always the collection is limited edition.
We hope you love them too.
Love Yoga Will Save the World


October Desk Top Calendar

October Desk Top Calendar

An autumnal flavoured desktop calendar for you to enjoy and share.
Also, in news to come…new bags printed in black and gold are coming in to the shop.